Visiting hours are every day from 10:00-22:00.
Services are not visitors under the age of 8. Visiting hours spent outside of emergency patients in the first degree relatives of patients visit the hospital for inpatient floors, night guard with administrative supervisor supervisor nurse, intensive care unit for intensive care by establishing contact with the doctor. If the patient is not objectionable as a visitor medical coverage; the general approach is to first-degree relatives of patients lying on an emergency visit is ensure. In this case the patient is accompanied by the Chief of the security shift.
for non-urgent cases; see outside visiting hours lying on the floor near a patient to let the visitor, if on the awake now, interviewed by phone. Phone calls, visitors of the nurse, nurses or administrative officer by the search for the patient with floor done by a nurse. If the patient is in intensive care is negotiated with the doctor in charge of intensive care unit contains.
inpatient floors can end the visitors, although they continue to visit time, once the appropriate language by a nurse visiting hours ended. Still are being entered into any discussion with visitors insist. The case is forwarded to the administrative supervisor of the night. On the initiative of the administrative supervisor of the night supervisor nurse, taking the views of staff. Status report the seizure form.
intensive care unit visiting hours:
intensive care patient visits, once a day, it is done in a specified time are listed below. Visiting hours are taken no more than two visitors in the intensive care unit. The status of the service is not eligible to receive visitors in the specified time are all visits may be postponed. It's just not a good fit for the situation of a patient that the patient's visit postponed. General responsible for intensive care physician decides to postpone the visit. Visiting hours of the patient that is not appropriate for a visit he postponed by the intensive care physician.
visiting hours: 14:00 to 14:30.
end-of-Life in patients with
visits in accordance with the approval of the physician responsible for intensive care unit provides flexibility. Intensive care unit are given in the operation procedures of the ICU visitation rules. In the neonatal intensive care unit
visiting hours: 14:00 to 14:30.
However, the physician's visit at odd hours and information it deems appropriate. In terms of infection control is limited to only visit mother. Information about the patient alone is provided by the medical practitioner in charge of the mother-father,.
inpatients at the same time for more than 30 minutes more than 3 people and visits, in terms of the patient's health, objectionable. Intensive and extended within the framework of this topic courtesy visits, nurses will be transferred to the room by.
"Loss Of Tobacco Prevention and control Law" in accordance with our hospital, including patient rooms no smoking at the point of service. Smoking people who request and accompanying persons, non-hospital field are directed to


Our doctors and patients to provide medical services are obliged to provide full and accurate information about the health status of nurses.
Our patients to comply with the treatment plan recommended by the physician responsible for the treatment and the doctor's instructions in accordance with the relevant health staff are also obliged to accept the fulfillment of the maintenance plan.
they are responsible for the consequences of refusing treatment by doctors planned our patients.
Our patients are obliged to meet the examination and treatment costs.
Our patients, our health care provider is responsible to comply with the rules and practices.
Our patients, patients in health institutions and contain noise that endangers their relatives, visitors, in discomfort such as smoke is responsible for the hospital will comply with the measures and rules.
The patient is responsible for the spread of infectious diseases with our close them be sensitive to all the proposed measures.
Our patients are liable to pay the examination and treatment expenses. Fixtures and supplies to intentionally harm the patient has to pay for them and our relatives.

A few visitors as possible to simultaneously accept our patients, visitors food, to make beverages, the use of things that belong to other patients, the hospital has a responsibility to abide by visiting hours.
Our patients and their relatives may never rules are inappropriate in external demand and desire.



Listen to your physician and provide the educational information and instructions for the continuation of your treatment and nurses must apply. Learn all the information you want to ask.
the face of the bill payment service that is your responsibility to get our hospital, we ask that you fulfill your this responsibility.
The bill cut in the discharge process will take some time. You can send all your questions to our patient-admissions officers discharged in the process.
Do not forget to fill out the questionnaire patients hospitalized before leaving your room.
Please include all the positive and negative feedback. Patients' rights to visit our office if necessary.
Your health is valuable to us. All Regional Hospital family, in sickness and in health will be always with you.
The healthy days to get past the wishes.


Our first consultation or hostess to face when you come to the hospital to meet you laugh and accompany you to the unit you want to go by, they will answer your questions.
If you want to get services from our hospital outpatient appointment or if you come as a drop-in; Our teller officers will take care of you, will perform your examination registration. If you want the message to be forwarded you the latest information about our hospital services to our officials to transmit your cell phone number teller. If you come by appointment, please come to our hospital for at least 10-15 minutes before appointment time. For any inconvenience that may occur during the hours outside emergency appointment, please be sure to refer to the rights of patients in our hospital ground floor office.
The tests will be accompanied by our hostess to ask our physicians for diagnosing and make your treatment plan you will be redirected to the sampling unit. How long the requested test results will come later on; Sampling will be given by our staff card information.
You can get your results in our laboratory hours written on this card. If you want to get lab results through e-mail arriving at our hospital again, please forward this information to the officials in our laboratory.
you want to share with us before you leave us all positive or negative feedback stating Hospital outpatient assessment questionnaires leave the complaint suggestion box.
If you encounter any problems when you return home after your Outpatient procedures, please contact our physicians on our 24-hour call number.
When you come to our hospital for inpatient treatment, our patient admission and discharge officials to meet with you face the rose, will help and will answer your questions about the process. Please keep your ID with you for your admission process.
According to your preference you our special room or suite will be prepared.
comfortable and provide a comfortable environment is among our priority tasks. However, during treatment delivery to your valuables with you or someone close to you we ask that you retain. If you close your side if you do not take delivery until the end of our security guards and treat your belongings will maintain it for you.
Once settled in your room nurses will make the promotion of your room and your identity bracelet that was written to ensure your safety you will wear on your arm.
We will inform you doctor before treatment. Please direct any questions regarding your treatment with your doctor and participate in any decision about your treatment. Your status in time to ask your doctor about your treatment continues.
Our physicians and nurses before your operation; you have illnesses, medications you use, allergies, etc. It will ask for information about you. Please provide accurate and detailed information on all the questions posed to you. If your physician is questioning your message, but also all the important information for you.
Things to your credentials before every operation of our health personnel, be sure to check whether the authentication and verification Do not allow any action to be done.
Our nurses will help you during your treatment. Using the call bell when you need to seek help our nurses.
If you feel that your pain, your pain, please ask our doctor or nurse to our relief.
Please feel free to ask anything about your safety.
Do not keep food and drink in your room in order to prevent infection. Our meals prepared in our hospital to you and close to your dietician will be served.
In addition, our hospital cafeteria is at your service 24 hours a day.
However, your flowers are not considered in terms of control of infection delivered to your room on your behalf, it is kept in the consultation section.
The patient's rights and responsibilities contained in your room, please read your booklet.


"We are here all the time and in the health Diseases" Our employees hospitals slogan and our team, as well as in disease, healthy day on the comfortable while you are in our discussions with you dilemektedir.hastane and peaceful time to review our mission priority. To this end, our services and how to get information about what to make for hospital operations as is described below.
Services for each day of the week and 24 hours are offered to you.
Services and appointments process;
444 1455 'may or our call number 0,216,585 32 00 No. number Pendik District Hospital 0216 441 20 20 No. number Maltepe Regional Hospital 0216 621 13 13 No. number can reach Sancaktepe Regional Hospital, all District Hospitals' Our services at Our doctors, our department can get information on many issues such as the appointment process and can make trades. In addition, the can also access this information by using the address and make your appointment process via the Internet.
When you come to visit our hospital's identity document (ID number, whether written document Tc) and try to be with you. This document is necessary for your treatment process of any kind. You also have your prescription or medication that your doctor deems it necessary and the results of the examination with you.
The current information about the services of our hospital is sent as a message to your contact numbers.



Each individual admitted to our hospital, language, religion, without distinction of race or creed is entitled to all the services.
Our patients have the right to be informed about the opportunities offered by our hospital diagnosis and treatment, and how to access these services.
Patients and patient care within the hospital without the fear of a negative impact on the near or outside has the right to get a second opinion.
Our patients themselves or their legal representatives channels with the proposed medical procedures and potential risks or benefits of each initiative, alternatives to the proposed initiative, has without treatment results and to contain the process to develop health conditions in my language and manner understandable to the right to complete information.
Our patients are entitled to demand a written copy of their medical records if the entire reporting process in writing.
Inform our patients and approval of outside medical and legal obligations, disease related serious adverse effects, the risk of death, problems with recovery, has the right to decide on the treatment to be applied after the disclosure made on issues such as the chances of success.
The patient agrees that the approval of the action to be taken if it uses this right.
Our patients are entitled to receive accurate information about the evaluation and treatment of pain.
To donate organs and other tissues of our patients and their families have the right to receive information on how to choose.
Our patients, the hospital conducted a clinical trial and to be informed about how they can participate in the experiment, the shelter for themselves about how our patients who agreed to participate and their families are entitled to receive information.
Our patients are entitled to receive clear information about the hospital's mission.
The doctor responsible for their treatment of our patients, nurses and other health personnel identity, tasks and know the title, has the right to choose and change.
Our patients to comply with the procedures and conditions stipulated by the legislation that registration of course has the right to choose and change the health institutions.
Except as required by law and the sole responsibility of the adverse consequences arising patient has the right to ask the patient to refuse treatment that is being planned or implemented the application itself or stop.
The treatment process at all of our patients have the right to receive services in an environment of privacy.
The health status of all individuals admitted to our hospital, medical condition and personal information is protected in all forms will remain confidential even after death. This information is explained on the patient's explicit consent of the patient or the precise request of the court.
Our hospital supports patients' rights on the correct assessment and treatment of pain.
Patients are entitled to request the cessation of pain. All patients, evaluating the pain and do not want to be treated, there is a right to information about treatment with pain.
Our patients always maintaining personal dignity and respect in all circumstances, taking examinations in an affectionate and friendly atmosphere and has a right to treatment.
they have the right to call a consultant in the diagnosis and treatment of our patients. But it recommends consulting physicians treating the patient's primary physician gives approval process.

Our patients have the right to practice their religion as long as it does not hinder treatment irrespective of religious differences and freely.
Everyone is in safety in the health institution has the right to expect and did not want it. Patients, visitors and accompanying protection of life and property safety of relatives and necessary measures to ensure such is received by our hospital.
In our hospital, children, individuals with disabilities and older people (only in need of care, no entourage) suitable for conservation measures are taken.
Our patients, in accordance with the principles and procedures determined by our hospital to accept the visitors and has the right to have a companion.
The introduction of our hospital patients and family complaints mechanism in case of violation of patients' rights, the review has the right to be notified of the finalization and results.
Our patients have the right to information about hospital rules and regulations that apply to them.
Our patients before treatment, treatment of service charges and later learning that the price paid for the services they are entitled to receive clear and detailed bills and do not want to take.
Our patients have the right to communication.
Our patients are entitled to receive social and psychological support.
Our hospital supports the right to end the patient's life to be self-respecting and caring treatment.